Friday, June 1, 2018


Instead of making you guys go to my Pinterest ( you really should though, I'm starting to use it a lot more 😀) I thought it'd be way easier for me to compile my latest pins into a post here that's easier to show and share. Let's get right into what's getting my heart beating that much quicker.

Glass, sparkle and mirrored surfaces. It's how to do sparkle and shine in a sleek and inoffensive way 


Absolutely dreamy as dreamy can be wine cellar ( or maybe wine room in itself since the sizing is basically that of a small bedroom ) 

I've recently become very obsessed with all things organisation. The spark moment was when I went into Office works to get something photo copied and I sort of wandered my way into the baskets and trays section. I remembered my pens drawer was a mess at home and I thought the most logical thing to do was to sort that out by putting the pens into a tray as a start. What was once a gross mess is now organised and neat with old pens not working chucked out and everything that was saved as working and ready to use. Organisational freaks know what I mean.. when you open up a neat and organised drawer you get that 'rush' which is kind of addictive. 

Meyertotaal I like the mix of silver and glass in these roll out drawers 

Ballard Designs ( One of my favourite podcasts comes from this brand! ) Another goal for the future is a beautiful laundry and towel closet like this with wicker baskets and colour co-ordinated towels 

Glamshelf One day, I'd love to have a pantry as functional and attractive as this. I'm not a good cook at all and admittedly look toward the task with extreme laziness but maybe something as pretty as this will motivate me to start? What makes this pantry organisation so great is the silver steel. It's clean, simple and boutique all in one. 

The key to a perfect plates and cups drawer is to pick with one style of cup or plate and to stick to that 

Having plates and cups stand up vertical adds an extra special touch 

Homes to Love Love how neat and aligned everything is on this beautiful white and bright shelf 

World-Real-Estate Getting ready in the morning or un-ready at night is a real treat with all your goods and accessories laid clearly and neatly in front of your eyes
You can really see my taste transition from what it was as recently as three or four months ago into the bright, white and light rooms that are here. It's all about light coloured wood features, wide windows with light flooding in and clean and smooth surfaces. Dining areas were my focus this time around. I love a dining table with minimal decor and high ceilings abundant. 

Mechant Design ( A new blog discovery that I'm super pleased about stumbling upon )
Becki Owens A proportionate delight 

Wish I knew where this stunning bed frame came from, some pins don't have links back to the original post 

Gravity Home The lamp is the perfect touch of playful cuteness without compromising the nordic elegance here 

Style Du Monde  Another new stunner of a website I've bookmarked

Lou Doillons shirt is gorgeous. Reminds me of a mix of that metallic material that was around a lot in the sixties and seventies mixed with a slight asian vibe. Soft and discreet yellow makes for the perfect undertone too.

Who, What, Wear 

I'm a big fan of wearing one colour in an outfit and Kate Moss has chosen classic black and navy blue here. My favourite piece would definitely be the satin shirt ( still searching for my perfect one ) and the casually tousled hair. We love you Kate!


Wednesday, May 30, 2018


I love this bold, septic tank pool. Super cool and adds an artsy spin into an otherwise traditional outdoor area 

Outdoor showers are going to be the next hot thing, you wait and see

Don't judge a book by its cover. Well, despite that being good advice for most things in life you can definitely shelve that thought for these stunning outdoor areas. I've started a garden pinboard on Pinterest which you can see here ( all credits can be found on the corresponding photos too ) alongside an exteriors pinboard for generally awesome architecture and front of house design.

As much as my interests lay in how to put together a good room, the outside besides being the actual entry point, is really the string that ties the entire story together. Green has been embedding itself as a favourite of mine in this past year. It's fresh, cool and energetic without being jarring or in your face. Surrounding yourself with plants and greenery is such an excellent way to provide a sense of rejuvenation hence why gardens authorise just as much importance as what kinds of colours you choose to deck your rooms in. 

When I was in primary school, one of my friends asked me what I'd choose between a tennis court or a pool ( yes, first world hypothetical musings for sure 😶 ). It's such a no brainer, of course you'd choose a pool ( who would choose tennis court?  ) Having a pool is really the dream in life, isn't it? I love this pool area right here with its canopied garden above. I'm no landscape architect but it's pretty safe to guess that dimension and structure are the keystones of creating good outdoor areas. 

Beautiful structural chair 

Original and putting a new spin on an old thing - Rock pool as regular pool. The pebbles provide an escape to nature as well as being pretty to look at  

Green and White - Forever classic and fitting combination of colours 

Concrete features and greenery puts a modern, contemporary spin on the backyard 

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


 So many of my coveted brands are only available overseas. One of them is Oysho, a womens apparel brand covering lounge, lingerie and active wear based in Spain. I'll always be a jeans and t-shirt girl but I'm getting super obsessed with loungewear and comfortable clothes in general. Being a huge lover of grey, all my comfy lounge wear tends to be coloured as such. Browsing Oysho's range, I couldn't not share with you guys some of the items which I wish I could purchase from them.

Comfortable but not sloppy or messy looking in the slightest... winning

I really love the thermal look but for outerwear. You're supposed to cover up your thermals with big jumpers and jeans but I kind of love it as outer wear? How cool is this outfit? All she needs is a parka and some runners and she's good to go. I'm thinking about braving it and doing it but I'm kind of anxious people are gonna give me the side eye. This girl looks awesome though, don't you feel? Find her set right here, lucky people of the EU!!!

The entire 'concept' of a robe is so sexy and feminine. In reality, I'm not sure how many people actually wear them though. When I think of robes such as this number above, I think of getting up early in the morning, draping it over ones shoulders and going to make a black coffee to start the day before ones skin routine. Any girl would feel instantly pretty first thing in the morning with this beauty. Find it here

I love this sateen nightie. What's becoming more important to me, is feeling good and pretty even when nobody else knows or see's except for me. This is why underwear and sleepwear that I feel good wearing is so important because it's only for me and not for anybody else. I can see this nightie being worn by brave girls during the warmer months. For me though, it'll only ever be worn for sleep. Find it here

I included this as a look I want to achieve in the future. I need some grey leggings, some grey socks and the shoes I already have. I love that it's just one colour.

Again following on the one colour vibe that I'm obsessed with. This is a look that is clearly made for lounging around at home but I wish it'd be something that I could wear out. I love the loungewear trend because it is so comfortable but also elegant. Find it here

Clean and simple matching sleepwear always looks good. Of course, you know I'm going for grey. Find it Here

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Although travel is no where in my future forecast, I'm already browsing air bnb for accommodation in the countries that I'm hitting up once things are in gear and I'm ready to travel. My top destinations for the near future are London, Tokyo ( again ), Paris ( again ) Italy and Sweden ( dunno which city yet ). I feel like I'm one of those people that tends to go to the same places over and over.

I want to be able to get to know a city as well as I know Melbourne and to be able to casually give recommendations to people who are going there for the first time. I guess Tokyo is that place for me. I can navigate the subways no problem, I know where to eat, where to shop and what to do there but it would still be so cool to be able to do this for two cities, don't you feel?

1. Milan, Italy 
Check out and book the entire home here

Milan, Italy 
Check out and book the entire home here

2. London, UK 
Check out and book the entire home here

3. Tokyo, Japan 
Check out and book the entire home here

 4. Paris, France 
Check out and book the entire home here

Malmo, Sweden
 Check out and book the entire home here

Are you going traveling soon? Which cities are you jetting off to? Sound off in the comments!