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The Philosofia Book Cafe here
" We had to buy some 4,000 volumes to emphasise the book-cafe concept" 
I can't get enough of this stunning cafe. The golden glow of the interior creates a truly intimate atmosphere, stunning

More shots from the Philosofia book cafe . I adore the display case for the pastries and cakes and the open book stand just above it. Crazy for this space 

There are some spaces which are designed to make you want to be in them. Jamie Beriestain's spaces are those types exactly. Whether this was an intentional part of his design process or not, the warmth and femininity of his interiors communicates comfort and luxury which is what motivated me to feature him on Designer Diary this week.

Beriestain established his design and interiors studio in 2002 after ten years of study in his native homeland of Chile. His firm has amassed an impressive clientele including but not limited to Hilton Hotels, The Waldorf Astoria, The Mariott and The Hyatt Regency. Restaurants as well as residential projects are included also in his practice with regions such as Europe, The Bahamas and Ibiza included. Today, his team consists of up to 28 people all working around the clock to put pen to paper, bricks to mortar on his designs.

In 2016, Architectural Digest awarded him as the " Best Interior Designer of Spain " which is needless to say, a huge privilege and achievement putting him on the priority list of brands and commercial enterprises all over Europe.  

Diputacion Apartments here, Young yet refined choice of objects for this shelfie. Loving the bright pop of Orange and the set of blue vases on the top shelf 

Diputacion Apartments here, I am getting a slight Japanese undertone in this apartment from the light wood to the greenery 

Saint Gervasi Residence here, One of the focal points of this project was to instill a natural flow when entertaining and receiving guests : " It is an apartment designed to receive guests in the traditional way, with clearly divided areas : one for social life ( living room, dining room, terrace ) and the other for private life ( rooms, bathrooms..etc ) "

Saint Gervasi Residence here, "The initial concept was to create a Paris-Style noble apartment"

Saint Gervasi Residence Here

It's unsurprising that restaurants and hotels form a large part of his work as his vision and aesthetic go hand in hand with the ideal hospitality experience. The soft lines and plushness of his designs are nurturing and comforting, no matter which project we're looking at there is a softness to it all. Simply being in his interiors would bring a true sense of being 'well looked after'. 

Geneva Residence here

Geneva Residence here 

Geneva Residence here

Hotel Almanac Barcelona here, Really liking the golden glow that seems to be a frequent feature of his lighting design 

Hotel Almanac Barcelona here

Hotel Vincci Mae here

"The first thing needed is to understand and know my client well.  I need to know their needs, how they like to live, the colour scheme that they like, the type of textures they prefer to be in contact with" source

I like thinking about this quote from a decorating perspective. We often overlook the dozens of details that come together to make up a living experience for us. For me, Colour and materials matter to me the most. I love texture as a visual communicator and not just as a tactile one. I find smooth surfaces to be my favourite but then again, I also love the pixellated roughness of stone and iron. Colour, something which I'm crazy for is also something that affects us quite immediately. Our preferences tell others more than we think, giving all sorts of clues on how we 'like to live'. 

Pujades Residence here, Uplifting tiling and greenery combination 
Pujades Residence, here 
Pujades Residence, here 

Hotel The One, Barcelona here, My favourite is the booth and the row of round feature tables. Another aspect of Beriestain's work that I love is his choice of materials. Marble, leather and suede seem to be staples 

Hotel Almanac Vienna here, Bright, beautiful and Boutique 
Rambla Residence here, This walk in closet makes getting dressed feel like a real life shop experience 

Impar Restaurant, here, Part of Beriestain's design includes making a point of displaying objects in attractive and interesting ways. The glass lined casing and the masses of crockery in the back shelves make an example of this 

Impar Restaurant, here, The opening of Impar is set to be this year ( 2018 ) 

Be So Lounge & Bar here 

Hotel Paseo De Gracia here, Very trendy decorating happening here with the pastel pink chairs and globe lighting fixtures 

Jaime's Concept Shop here, He goes on to explain, " The initial concept of this shop was to design a space like it was an extension of my home and lifestyle. Actually, many of the products in the shop are also in my home"

Chic and stylish spaces with European ideals are at the centre of Beriestain's work. His spaces show sensitivity to visual and tactile experiences and are prime examples of luxury done right. Knowing ones own style values and having an allegiance to them allows designers to make a stand for their vision. How does he want to be remembered?

"The dream of any designer is that their designs are timeless.  That has been my goal since the beginning" source

We don't think this will be an issue given his masterful hand at beauty and proportion. 

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

FRIDAY BOOK STACK : The Decorating Book, New Paris Style, Defining Luxury, The World Of Interiors and Apartamento

I love those old school Mick Jagger by Andy Warhol prints and the sparkle of the glasses here

This room can translate easily into the modern day. I love the Persian poufs in the corner and also the slight touch of colour that's offered by the table book 

Greenery has the power to make ANY room more lively and fresh. The brightness of this room just serves to make the plants pop even more as well as providing a good environment for the plants to flourish too 

This area is ideal for relaxing and chilling out

I checked out my uni library which has the biggest selection of Art and Design books ever. I was pleased to have found The Decorating book and New Paris Style there

The second week of uni is officially over and I can genuinely say that learning about Marketing has changed the entire way I see the world. Like everybody, I interact and consume many media brands but have never paused to think about the depth of those brands and the way they work. Magazines are just as branded as Vegemite or Spam ham. After all, both generate profit and spend profit to make profit. Learning about marketing is also helping me run P.F.F and seeing it through a marketing lens. I know I'm delivering a product in a way and I know that that product has to be marketed too. 

I bought two new magazines this week. The World Of Interiors, which is now my number one favourite interiors magazine and Apartamento, which comes close to being number one. I really adore Apartamento because they manage to find such obscure homes that are decorated in such unique and unforgettable ways. I have no idea how they manage to find some of the places that they feature and that's one of the reasons why it's so successful, in my opinion. 

Sometimes I look at these old 70's  interiors and wonder if they were real. Did people actually use this space as a bona fide office? Or was this something more or less staged simply to be photographed and used as an example of good decor? 

This dining table set is amazing. Loving the acrylic, white vibes and the Panton-esque pendant light. It's Space age barbie home to a tee

The decorating book was like an expandable dossier of decorating and homewares. The number of different colours, textures, shapes, sizes and periods of different furniture and furnishings in each section was huge. The kitchen and living room section was particularly impressive with cupboards, beds and wall texture designs in the dozens. Their patterns and textiles section was incredible. Think there's only one weave of carpet? Think again... The spaces in which we inhabit are our arena to play god and when offered so much, there really is no excuse to not tailor it all to exact tastes.

I love the eclecticism here. There's an allegiance to classic furnishings such as flowers and a muted couch, but then there's the unabashed lashing of personality and character in the art, materials and choice of shapes. 5/5 in Eclecticism  

Parisian apartment layouts are up high on my list of interior favourites. The ornate, old world detailing, the fire places that come with every apartment ( or so it seems ), the floor boards and panelings on the wall... On top of that, I also feel like lots of Parisian decorators are naturally eclectic. In the array of movies, documentaries and photographs I've seen of French apartments, the decor has been a true mish mash of old and new, high and low. Another reason why I am so drawn to that city, their vibes really match my own.

These interiors in New Paris Style were my picks of the best. 

I absolutely love this steel table and chairs set. It gives such a casual and practical vibe to this kitchen. Nothing fancy or precious, up and go done and dusted. I love that. I recall my last air bnb in paris having the exact same set and it looked terrific

Why did I choose this? Yep, that's right for the silver globe lighting
Stunning example of easy and unfussy living. Height, White and Light - my three favourite elements 

The dimensions is what gives this room its flair and personality. My favourite? The silver stairs that are both ornamental yet functional ( OK almost functional, the steps look pretty small ) 

A shot from another persepctive of the apartment above

Flamboyant, proud and bold. This is a textural lovers dream! Every corner shows off something new 

What is it about plaid that is so American? 

I like lamps because they give designers a lot of leeway in being out there with their ideas. The wide, bulbous shape of this lamp is what gives it its edge 

The London Sketch Club as featured in The World Of Interiors Sept, 2017 

Well organised and to the point : The shop, studio and home of Frank Leder

I don't know about you, but the idea of using a table as a place to display things is new to me. I always associate tables as a place to sit down and write so using it as a display tool was different for me. I like how the owner is mixing Child like art with museum like objects in this room

Retro rooms in Apartamento 

I've always loved Apartamento for never shying away from colour, they know how to use it and to choose what things to take photos of. Plus their covers are stellar! 

The room of Queer Icon " Flawless Sabrina " 

Design legend Alessandro Mendini - A key contributor to the Memphis Design movement 

Antoni Miralda's Colour Supernova

Antoni Miralda's kitchen 

The discreet and elegant kitchen of Christopher Nying, co-founder of ' Our Legacy ' one of Europe's most successful menswear labels 

This weekend is a weekend of work. I've got notes and readings to do for my marketing course and also I have a shop visit planned for P.F.F. On top of that, I really need to catch up on my journalling because that's been severely neglected ever since my life became hectically busy. Thanks for visiting and please come back again next week for more. Thanks to those who've reached out and talked to me on Instagram too. Your support is so amazing.

Publications Featured :

The Decorating Book here
New Paris style here
Defining luxury here 
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